Quality exhibition Budgerigars in the UK P2 ring

 I almost always have budgies for sale either as babies for pets at 2 months old or older birds for aviaries & fellow breeders

All birds are guarenteed for 2 weeks and will be replaced should they die. All assistance in breeding or constructing an aviary will be given. Babies available from £30 each with discount for 6 or more. Adults from £30 

I am the Southern agent for JUST SUPPLEMENTS  info

Collection from Worthing or carriage at cost

To order please email  roy@p2roy.co.uk or tele: 01903 266606

Dehydrated Bird food supplements additional to seed, all in 1 kg bags. The birds love it. (ready in 15 mins)

 Just Vegetables £9.00

Just Seaweed £7.5

Just Carrot £6.50

Thrive N Gloss £6.50

Just Beetroot (500g )  £7.50

Fruit & Veg £9.50

Garlic & Herbs £5.00

Deli Nature  egg food £4.50 1 kg

Clipped Oats £3.50  2.5kgs


Calcivet Liquid calcium 100ml  £8.50

Ivermectin  10ml 0.01% for budgies £5.99

Red millet (French) sprays £6.00/kg

Cage Iodine blocks (small) 50p each

 Carriage up to  2 kg £5.20.  3-5kg £6.50.  7-10kg £7.90.  15kg £10.00

 Payment can be made though Pay pal to roy@p2roy.co.uk