Quality exhibition Budgerigars in the UK P2 ring


 Have you asked for a price list for the aviancareonline.com  accessories and supplements roy@p2roy.co.uk or tele 01903 266606  I usually have birds for sale at reasonable prices

ROY POWELL Champion Breeder & exhibitor  of budgerigars               

SPECIALISING  in breeding Grey  Green- Blue series-Grey-Spangle mainly in normals

I am based in West Sussex UK and a member of the  BS , L&SCBS ,Sussex B.S. and SEBC I breed & exhibit with the ring number  'P2'. 

I Started breeding & exhibiting budgerigars in 1976 and gained  champion status  in 1988. 

Although I have (2016)  downsized to 12 breeding cages I am specialising in  Spangles, Greys and Grey Greens  & aim to breed

about 50 chicks a year  


I can be contacted on email:  roy@p2roy.co.uk  tele 01903 266606 


I am a L&SCBS panel judge  and available for judging, lectures & presentations on weekdays, evenings or week-ends


My breeding season for 2020/21 has started 1/11/20  with a selection of top quality birds with outcrosses from the top UK breeders in the UK

including   Miller   Sweeting    Snell   Merritt  Moorhouse


Birds are for sale from May onwards each year  at sensible prices give me a call 01903 266606


Pictures of  adult birds and 2012/13 babies are in the photo gallery.


Progress of my breeding will appear as the P2 stud progresses.